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Chapter 8 – Social Stratification: Student Lesson Plan


SociologicalYOU Chapter 8 addresses the topic of stratification and social inequality. It examines the issues of wealth, poverty and social mobility. This chapter consists of the following modules:

Module 1: Sociological Perspective – The Sociological Perspective on Social Class

Module 2: Social Structures – The Inequality of Social Stratification

Module 3: Social Problems – Problems of Stratification

Module 4: Sociological Imagination – The American Dream

Module 5: Social Change – Stratification and Social Change


Before coming to class, complete the Student Responsibilities for Chapter 8. The objective of this worksheet is to ensure that you are prepared to actively engage and participate in class. Please contact me if you have any questions or issues prior to the assignment due dates.


Student Responsibilities:


· Read Chapter 8 and complete the embedded quiz questions in the chapter to earn the digital Chapter 8 Completion Certificate.

· Upload your Chapter 8 Completion Certificate to the assignment submission folder.

· Listen to the Chapter 8 PowerPoint Audio Lecture located within SociologicalYOU Student Resources.

· Complete and upload this Chapter 8 Student Worksheet to the assignment submission folder.


Points to Ponder:


Complete the following questions within the text boxes. Use complete sentences and correct grammar and punctuation.


· How does socioeconomic status impact our everyday lives?

· Why is it important to understand that the wealth gap between the rich and poor is growing wider?

· Does everyone have an equal chance of moving up a social class and achieving social mobility?


Class Survey Questions: Reflect on the chapter reading and consider how you would answer these questions during class discussion. Select the appropriate box to indicate your answer.


8A Questions

1. How likely would you consider living for 28 days in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on $1 a day?

|_| very likely |_| somewhat likely |_| neutral |_| not very likely |_| not at all likely


2. How concerned are you about poverty in the United States?

|_| very concerned |_| concerned |_| neutral |_| not very concerned |_| not at all concerned


8B Questions

1. Are your extended family members all in the same social class?

|_| yes |_| no |_| not sure


2. Are your friends from your same social class?

|_| yes |_| no |_| not sure


3. How hard do you think it is for a person to change their social class?

|_| very hard |_| hard |_| somewhat hard |_| not hard at all


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